Festival of Maidens 2018

Festival of Maidens XLV

Sponsored by the Proto-Incipient Barony of Caer Gwynt

January 20, 2018 | Champaign, Illinois

This year, we’re at a NEW SITE! The Armory Building at the University of Illinois campus is historic, and absolutely HUGE compared to the Illini Union. More space for combat! More space for A&S! You might question whether this could really be a Festival of Maidens, but the unpredictable Midlands January weather will help ground you. Or blow you away. It’s really hard to tell what the weather will be like. You’ll just have to come to find out!

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A&S Display and Laurel Prize Tourney
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Rapier Schedule & Details
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Sunday: Midlands Fighter/Archery/Rapier Practice

Site Fees
Adults (18+): $15
Adults (SCA membership discount: $10
Youth (6 to 17): $5
Children (5 and under): Free

People of Interest

Event Steward – Oswyn of Badon
Deputy Event Steward – Ursus
Heavy Fighting: Kegg
Fencing: Ursus
Royalty Liaison: Genevieve
A&S Classes and other: Reyni-Hrefna
Gate/Troll: Elizebetha
Youth Fighting: Kendra Vail
Volunteer coordinator: Khawlah bint Yahya ibn Husayn (Clarissa)
Merchant coordinator: Sofya Chyetc.