A&S Display and Laurel Prize Tourney

There is no official theme for the display; get creative! We will have tables available and ask that you keep your display relatively small so we can accommodate multiple artisans. If you have a table you want to use for your display, please bring it. We are short on tables, so space on the provided tables might be short. We would like to be able to put about 3 people on each 8’ table, but will be flexible with the space.

Floor space is also available, as is a classroom if any laurels want to issue a prize for performance, or if you just want to perform. You do not have to play to any specific challenge to enter the display. If you want to spend part/all of the time at your display, you can. You will want to bring your own chair if you are going to sit.

There are very few rules: no fire, nothing dangerous, and (due to site restrictions) food and drink will have to be in a separate space out in the hallway and will get a lot less foot traffic (sorry about that). Documentation is not required but is nice to have. You do not need to stay with your item. We will have staff near the display during the day. The display is not anonymous, so please include your name on your documentation. You can enter any item you want: old things that you still want to show off, new things that are in progress, and anything in between. You can aim to fill a challenge from a laurel or just show of something that you think is cool.

If you are interested in entering something in the Kingdom A&S Faire system later in the year and want to have an item judged and talk to a few judges about it, contact THL Reyni-Hrefna and she will arrange to have it looked at. This is a good opportunity to have something looked at and get some opinions before entering it, especially since there have been some changes in the rubrics.

We ask that you pre-register your items. If you want judging, pre-registration is required so that we can find judges ahead of the event. We will guarantee space for everyone who does pre-register. Pre-Registration helps us to plan the space we need. If you don’t, we will try to find you space on a first-come, first-served basis the day of the event.



For any questions, contact contact THL Reyni-Hrefna via email or Jen Johnson on Facebook. You can also ask a question on the pre-registration form. Laurels can also contact Hrefna via the above to issue a challenge.

Laurel Prize Challenges

Best hand-embroidered, non-commercial trim using multiple elements or techniques, 2 or more yards in length. Prize: 2 strands of good quality 4mm freshwater pearls

Best Early Period (pre-900 CE) Object Entry: Entry must be an artifact object. It does not have to be a recreation or copy, but must have been known/used before 900. Documentation is encouraged, but not necessary other than the basics. Food/beverage will be considered if period appropriate.