Combat – Heavy


9am: Authorizations and equipment check
10am: Novice Tournament
11am: Non-Chivalry Tourney
12pm: Open Pool Tournament

Sword and Shield authorizations will be run first. Additional authorizations will run simultaneous to the Novice Tourney.


The novice tournament is open to anyone who has never won a tournament nor received a combat award. Please note that novice does not mean new and anyone meeting this criteria is encouraged to enter. This tournament will be fought as a double elimination.

Non-Chivalry Tourney

Open to members all fighters who are not members of the order of Chivalry. The tourney will be fought as in the Atlantian Speed Tourney style down to two fighters. The final round will be fought best of five with different styles from the in the following order – Two Handed Sword, Mass Weapon and Shield, Two Weapon, Pole Arm, Sword and Shield. Single handed swords are limited to 42″, single handed mass weapons are limited to 30″, and two handed weapons are limited 6′.

Open Pool Tournament

This will be the now-traditional pool tournament fought on all lists. Pools will be between 8-12 fighters per pool, exact numbers of fighters and pools will depend on the number of entrants . Double kills count as a loss for each fighter. The top fighters from each pool advancing to four new pools of 8. Time allowing, this will then produce two pools from which two finalists will emerge to face each other in a best three of five bouts with different weapons from from the following choices – Sword and Shield, Two Weapon, Pole Arm, Spear, Mass Weapon and Shield, Single One Handed Sword & Two Handed Sword. First choice will go to the fighter with lesser precedence, then the other. If a third round is needed, it will be royal choice but not a repeat.