Slamdownfest ’18 Masters and Combatants

The Masters

As Maidens soon approaches
Two masters will bring matches
Twenty fighters overall
Shall arrive; swords, shields, and all
For these two schools shall compete
In such a great wondrous feat
As to be remembered
Through the great gifts presented
Master Azriel le Fey, Master Christian Fournier,
These are the two who shall lead
Their fighters in tow shall heed
Of these schools, the first shall be
Party of Worth and Notability
Next one of great defiance
It’s the Forte Alliance
These two schools shall come and test
At this year’s own Slamdownfest!

The Combatants

Match 1

For our first fight we shall see
Our own fight one from the sea
Remember this duo, for
To new heights these two will soar
A match more classic never
Has happened within our border

Without any more delay
I present the two to play
Wader Philipp Remier von
Wolfenbüttel, our icon
For the Midrealm he shall fight
With sword and all of his might
From the East shall come his foe
One from whom murder does flow
Don Devillin MacPherson,
Respectable and fearsome

I reckon this fight shall be
One to instill great pride and glee
Hopefully you join the rest,
At Maidens own Slamdownfest!

Match 2

For our second fight I bring
Those who will cause you to sing
Two of great nobility
Men of utmost chivalry
Coming to grips, rejoicing
In the mother art, competing
With sweat and muscle, they shall
See which will stand, which will fall
To the best of three they will
Compete, and shall thus instill
Awe and amazement for
Our very own viewing pleasure

It’s my pleasure to bring you
Without any more ado
The first in all things martial
He to whom we’re all partial
Tis’ His Majesty Cellach
MacChormach, who won’t give slack
Pitting his wits and guile
Against the greatest smile
A man of the utmost charm
Who can still dish out the harm
It’s Sir Seto Gesshuko,
The beaming fantastico!

I hope you will come join me
To watch these titans’ utter glee
As they battle head to head
To see whom is more learned
No doubt they will bring their best
To this season’s Slamdownfest!

Match 3

For our third fight I present
Two who shall never relent
A bout of both cut and thrust
Fight to victory or bust
A truly memorable
Bout, to seem like a fable

Lord Harkin of the Moorlands
Entire lines he disbands
Truly a scholar among
Men, more praises yet unsung
Harkin will go on to face
One without any disgrace
He who aims to outburn us
Our own Morganus Drakus
With expertly honed blade
His strength shall never fade
These two will join all the rest
At Midrealm’s own Slamdownfest!

Match 4

Now, for our fourth fight I bring
Two who shall enter the ring
Star-crossed fighters, from two
Rival households they imbue
A feud brewing for ages
With many lineages
A feud to be tested once
More, with nothing left to chance.
No, this shall be decided
By limbs being divided

The first I shall bring to you
One who’s sword always rings true
Wednesday Company’s own
Probie, Lord Gunbjorn. Lone
He never stands, always with
A line of checkers forthwith
He shall stand against one who
Dons black and burgundy. True
To form, always there on cue
A watchee of the Thieves
Of Hearts, success he retrieves
Lord Diego Rodrigo
Benito Ruiz. Amigo
To all gentles he does meet
All while escaping defeat

Match 5

I now present to you a
Very promising foray
Two fencers matched in youth
And speed. Neither one uncouth
Both scholars in their own right
All to help assist their fight

First, truly a great thinker
Giovanni Schwertbrecher
With his luscious flowing locks
Seamlessly from pflug to ochs
His blade transitions. It’s
A joy to see, as he hits
All foes who stand before him
Cutting down with but a whim

His opponent though, unlikely
To be phased. Not one to flee
Standing firm his ground, moving
Only towards the reaving
Of his opponents very
Blades. He’s never weary
Always filled with ceaseless
Energy, he’s relentless
In his attacks, always with
More, aiming at the zenith
Never dressed raggedy
It’s Michaelangelo di
Padua, soon of great renown

For this fight I do so hope
You join us. Of such great scope
A fight I cannot recall
So, pray tend, come see them all!

Match 6

Never underestimate
These two, don’t roll dice of fate
They will make you pay dearly
To the grave you’ll go early
These two I shall now present
Know their names, lest you repent

First, Lord Alessandro Vitturi
da Canal. Satisfactory
Would insult his fencing game
Never will you find him lame
Such passion I rarely do
Encounter. Awards in due
Time he shall stand and receive
For now, your life he’ll relieve

A man of equal stature
Shall come and bring the rapture
He’s Lord Sugawara No
Tokihira. Through the snow
He charges, nothing daring
To get in his way. Roaring
He rides towards glory
And honor-bound victory

Their swords shall come to bind
In the air sparks you will find
So come see them clash and jest
At your very own Slamdownfest!

Match 7

Finally I present you
Two for whom all praise is due
Mighty warriors in their
Own right, yet still full of care
These learned conquerors shall
Meet on the list for you all

Lord Aidan Storm Tyrvason
Death’s very own liaison
A force on every field
And great success does he yield
No one shall intimidate
Life’s very magistrate

His opponent, though, is one
To behold, her skills do stun
All who are lucky enough
To behold. She is as tough
As can be, the fiercest fight
Within all our kingdom’s might
It’s Her Highness Katherine
Vivian, our heroine
An awe inspiring force
She slays all foes with great ease
Whole fields she leaves decease

Come see them stand with the best
At Wurm Wald’s own Slamdownfest!