Site and Parking Info

Site: The Armory Building, 505 E Armory Ave, Champaign, IL 61820
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2018 site map

E1 (Center north) is the main entrance. The red areas will be blocked off due to normal NCAA track meets. The entire space of the main room is 1.5 acres.

Day Camps: You’re welcome to set them up. We will have chairs in classrooms and bleachers for court, but very few chairs in the main room during the day.

*NOTE ABOUT PARKING: Please do NOT try to park or leave your car unattended at the north entrance. Most GPS devices will lead you there, but campus police will be ready to issue tickets within minutes. (And yes, parking tickets are a major source of income for this university.) If you have a lot to unload, please have someone stay with your vehicle with the engine running until unloading is finished.

We’ve indicated recommended parking lots below. The parking lot across the street has now been claimed by another activity on campus outside of our control. Lots E3, C9, and C10 on the map below should be available. We can’t reserve these lots just for our own purposes, but chances are reasonable that the lots will be mostly (if not entirely) empty on a Saturday. As always, check the sign on a parking lot to see if it’s restricted.