Performing Arts Symposium 2018

Welcome to a day of performing arts! Class tracks and workshops to focus on theatrical arts, foolery, Commedia, bardic, instrumental and vocal music, and more!

June 23: 9 am to 6 pm
Site fee: Free (donations welcome)

Location: Gregory Hall
810 S Wright St, Urbana, IL 61801
University of Illinois Campus
Building Map

The closest parking is off Armory Avenue. If you were at Maidens, this would be the nearest parking lot to the Maidens site as well. As always with the University of Illinois, please read all signs before you park. Some spots might be free, some reserved, etc.

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Hotel Block Information

The tentative plan is to have class tracks run from around 10a – 4p, followed by a 2-ish hour mixed performance concert towards the end of the day. (Final details on timing and selection for the concert TBA.)

Our hope for this event is to offer a day of different tracks of classes across the variety of Performing Arts, including:

  • Commedia,
  • Foolery,
  • Theater,
  • Physical Theater (juggling, miming, mumming…)
  • European Music (vocal and instrumental),
  • Bardic (songs, story, poetry, word-smithing)
  • General Performing Arts (techniques, organizing, etc.),
  • and more!

‘How to’ classes, as well as ‘history/appreciation’ classes, would be welcome. Also open to panel/forum and discussion style classes.

Depending on space, and who signs up as teachers- we’re very much hoping to get a strong variety of classes. And range from things that will appeal to newcomers to the performance arts, as well provide classes that would be interesting to those who have been participating in their chosen art for a while.

To volunteer to teach a class, please fill out this form.

Current Class List

Current Class SCHEDULE (Excel file)

Learn more about how to participate in the concert here.

Post Revel
A Performing Arts Post Revel is also in early planning stages; which will hopefully offer more chances for folks to perform and watch fellow performers.

Learn more abour the Post Revel here.

Mistress Lorelei Skye and/or THL Niccolo Bartolazzi.