In the schedule we have 2 hours for a mixed performance concert. Anyone attending the event who is interested in participating, please email Lorelei Skye by June 19th. The list of selected performers will be posted here and on FB June 21st.

Please use subject line “PAS-Concert Request,” and include: Name of performer or group, what you would like to perform (if known), how long with setup/strike you think the performance may take, and any other notes you would want to share.

To maximize performers, please try to keep song/poem selections to under 5 minutes; instrumental works 4-8 minutes- this includes any time needed to setup/strike stands and instruments; storytelling or dramatic scene interpretations 5-10 minutes; theatrical scenes around 10min that includes any time needed for setup/strike of stage area.

*Any Commedia performances- please contact Lorelei with what folks may have in mind, we’ll see how we can accommodate.

Due to time, it is possible that not everyone who requests a place in the concert will be selected. Our hope and goal is to showcase a wide variety of performing arts and artists.

After the concert, there should be time for a less formal ‘open stage’ on a sign-up basis. As well as the Performing Arts Post-Revel at the hotel until 10pm (unless they let us run later).

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at the event!