Festival of Maidens

Festival of Maidens XLVII: Tempting Fete

January 25, 2020 – 8AM – 8PM

Orr Building, Illinois State Fairgrounds
4H Road
Springfield, IL 62702

Site Fees

People of Interest

Event Stewards: Lucius Antonius Ursus (Andrew Marks) and Lena of Wurm Wald (Shelly Marks)

A&S Class Co-ordinator: THL Reyni-Hrefna

Armored MIC: Lady Ates Ejderhasi.

Rapier MIC: Warder Gwynneth Verch Ieuan

Merchant Co-ordinator: Lady Markéta z Prahy

Royalty Liason: Master Genevieve Chastisse de Vaucresson

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