A&S Display & Classes

Are you interested in teaching a class or presenting a talk? Please fill out THIS FORM and our class co-cordinator, THL Reyni-Hrefna, will be in touch. We would love to have you.

There will be traditional classes in hour hour blocks.

There will be ” SCA: items, research, ideas ” talks – short, 15-20 minute, focused talks on a specific topic.

There will be displays for small projects or research posters. We recommend 3’x3′ posters that share some of the research you have been doing or a small display that will not take too much table space.

There will also be traditional display space with tables and chairs, for more traditional A&S displays and item presentations.

If a gentle would like to offer an A&S prize, please contact THL Reyni-Hrefna to have it added to the prize list.