Combat – Rapier

Join us for a great day of rapier combat with our rapier MICs, Warder Gwynneth Verch Ieuan and Lord Daniel Smith of Worcester

9:00 AM – Lists open, authorizations and inspections

10:00 AM – Up and Comers Tournament – This tournament is open to all fencers who have not received a GoA level fencing award or higher. It will be a double elimination Atlantian Speed Tournament

12:00 PM – A-Game Tournament – This tournament is open to all. It will be round robin pools feeding down to single elimination brackets. There will be a C&T pool.

2:00 PM – Pickup Tournament – This tournament is open to all. Everyone fights whomever they wish, but points will be awarded according to the award level of the defeated fencer – Novice (1 point), Cavendish Knot (2 points), Bronze Ring (4 points), and Master of Defense (8 points). The fencer in EACH track with the most points will be declared the winner.

3:00 PM – Slamdownfest!

Cut & Thrust is allowed in all tournaments provided both combatants agree and are authorized.