Hot Chocolate Showdown

Immediately following evening court, join us for a new fundraiser for the Pennsic Rapier Scholarship – the Hot Chocolate Showdown!

To be adjudicated, moderated, and judged (mocked) by Master Adam Comyn, Baron of the Court of Palymar and Aislinn, Beast of Northshield (retired), First Charger of the Ribaldo, Translator of the manuals of Gnostyl:

His Royal Majesty, Ryo-ô Seto-Heika.
Duke Cellach mac Cormaic.
Count Alric of the Mists.
Master Vindis Sigtrygson.
Her Excellency Alessandra Brucioli.

Will each be eating their own The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar, clocking in at a Scoville rating of nine million, one square at a time.

You the Populace are encouraged to participate in a fundraiser based upon who you believe will eat the most chocolate before taking a drink*! All proceeds shall go to the Scholarship Fund.

Raffle tickets can go for one of 2 baskets:

1) Gift basket – This includes a variety of non- spicy chocolates, Peppercorn sampler and pepper mill, a candle with flint striker, kitchen linens, and a Stuffed Dragon Family, all in a handmade basket.

2) People’s Choice (Loser’s Basket) – This has pepto, tissues, tums and a small sampling of things to make the contestant’s lives easier. If you win this basket you may choose who to give it to, after the challenge!

Tickets will be sold as follows:

Coal Level – 1 ticket for $1
Ember Level – 5 Tickets for $5
Full burn – Arms Length for $10

(*ties to be determined by a game of rock paper scissors we are all really stubborn, ** The Rapier Scholarship fund is in no way affiliated with the SCA these are people just trying to do something nice for their friends, furthermore there is NO OBLIGATION TO DONATE)