Food Options at UIUC

The University of Illinois campus hosts a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops, especially on Green Street.

The Illini Union has a food court in the basement and a Starbucks on the main floor.

Ikenberry Dining Center is the largest dining facility in the US, outside of the military. They have a fantastic range of options – all of which can be mixed-and-matched with the all-you-can eat price tag ($11.72 for lunch, $15.26 for dinner).

Green Street Restaurants: There are a HUGE number of restaurant options. Just a quick list – Panera Bread, Zorbas (Gyros), Mia Za’s (pizza), Cracked the Egg (Breakfast food all day), Pho Cafe (Vietnamese), Chipotle (Texmex), Noodles and Company (International noodle and pasta dishes), McDonald’s (nugget-based dining), Potbelly Sandwich (Toasted sandwiches), Sakanaya (Upscale Japanese), Empire Chinese (Authentic Chinese), Bombay Indian Grill (Indian), Lai Lai Wok (Authentic chinese), Wingin Out (Chicken wings), Fat Sandwich (Fast food style sandwiches), Panda Express (Chinese, Americanized), and probably at least a dozen more.

It’s a foodie paradise!

If you’re looking outside of immediate walking distance, then the options become legion and you’re better off talking with one of the locals to help nail down the best choice for you