CANCELLED Midlands Summer School

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Midlands Summer School event has been cancelled. We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy and maintains social distance standards to protect our loves ones. We look forward to meeting again soon

June 20, 2020

Illini Union
University of Illinois
1401 W Green St.
Urbana, Illinois

More information coming soon!

What is Midlands Summer School? It is a new A&S event with a focus on works in progress and giving feedback if you want it. This is a donation-only event! 

There are several parts.

If you have been to the Festival of Maidens in the last 5 years or so, you probably know the Illini Union site so imagine the following:

  1. Works in Progress Faire – Illini ABC, the big ballroom on the first floor, will have tons of tables for any and all to display their works. We want to see what you working on in any state it may be in.  Starting a new craft? Show us how it begins! Just finished something? Show us that too! Want to display your body of work? We want that too!
  2. PAS 3 – The Performing Arts Symposium is back again. It will be very much like PAS 2. The whole second floor will be like Performing Arts Summer Camp! There will be a variety of Performing Arts classes, a roundtable / forum for discussion, and Room 210 will be available after dinner for long form performances (15 minutes to 1 hour each). After that, we have the room to midnight for a long bardic circle! This was a great hit in 2019 so let’s do it again!
  3. The upper floor (3rd or 4th; still working on that) will be for classes. But somewhat different than normal, these classes will have 1.25-hour time slots. As work in progress, we want to make it easy for first time teachers to get practice and feedback if they want it. Got a new class that you need to dry run before Pennsic? Bring it! Rehashing an older class? We want that too! New to practice in front of an audience to see what works and what doesn’t? We want that too!
  4. We will have space for SCAiri talks as well! These are TED-style presentations. About 5 minutes long and you get to the point quickly. AV equipment will be available.

Each participant for the Faire and the Classes will be given a placard to indicate whether they want feedback or not. Afraid of feedback? That is okay. We still want to see what you are working on.

What we need from attendees are people willing to display what they are working on, people willing to give kind but meaningful feedback, people willing to go to classes they might not normally be interested in to help new teachers out, and performers!

We will also have space for merchants in the display area. No merchant fee.

No heat sources, no alcohol, and nothing that is likely to be very messy. Display area is not likely to have access to electricity either. When in doubt, ask!

While it is called Midlands Summer School, it is open to all. 

Merchant Liaison – Khawlah bint Yahya ibn Husayn
Works in Progress Faire Coordinator – Signora Rossa Rossini
Class Coordinator – THL Emma Atacross
Performing Arts Symposium 3 Coordinator – Niccolo Bartolatti